International Travel Scholar Award

Pausing of ILTS society awards – Due to current circumstances, all awards supported by ILTS will be put on hold until further notice. ILTS sincerely hopes to be able to welcome your applications again in the near future. Thank you for your understanding. Awardees identified in 2020 will be honored at the joint International Congress of ILTS, ELITA and LICAGE in 2021.



International Travel Scholar Award Application

The International Liver Transplantation Society Travel Scholar Award provides two $10,000 scholarships for travel and training/education in liver transplantation for clinical research, translational/basic research, or for a clinical observership for program development. These awards help to offset travel and living expenses for the recipients to gain additional training and experience in liver transplantation or transplant research (either transplant hepatology or transplant surgery, anesthesiology/critical care or translational research). The goal is to encourage collaborative efforts to build clinical and research programs in liver transplantation worldwide.

This objective is to foster international collaboration in the development of young investigators and clinicians for the advancement of the field of liver transplantation that includes research techniques, administrative skills, and leadership qualities.



  • A letter from the candidate’s home institution mentor is required.
  • The candidate must identify a sponsoring host institution that agrees in writing to supervise the candidate’s training. The letter must be signed by the head of the department of the visiting institution. Comments from the receiving institution are welcomed in relation to the submitted project or applying candidate. To view the ILTS Worldwide Directory of Transplant Centers, login to your ILTS member profile and click here.
  • Either the home mentor or host supervisor at the visiting institution must be an ILTS member (not necessarily both)
  • Qualified applicants must possess an MD, Ph.D., or equivalent degree. The candidate should be completing training (fellowship) or in a junior faculty position (clinical instructor or assistant professor) of adult or pediatrics hepatology, transplant surgery, anesthesiology/critical care, or other scientific fields directly related to liver transplantation, such as immunology.


  • Translational or Clinical Research (Surgery/Hepatology/Anesthesiology/Critical care)
  • Program Development


  • Fulfilment of Application Requirements:
    • Complete Online Application
    • Upload proposal for international travel experience and research/development plan
      • 800-word maximum outlining the goals of the applicant and how this award will contribute to these goals and career advancement
    • Upload letter of nomination from the mentor at the home institution
    • Upload letter of commitment from the host training site
      • Note: either the home mentor or host supervisor must be an ILTS member
    • Upload Applicant CV
  • Resources allocated through this award are intended to stay with the recipient in the host training institution for a minimum of 3-6 months.
  • Recipients of the scholarship have to use it within a maximum period of two years from its granting, ideally during the first year. Otherwise, they have to resign.
  • Recipients may not transfer this grant between institutions without prior written approval of the ILTS. The grant is mainly for the purpose of travel, housing, living expenses and education. It cannot be used for indirect costs or institutional overhead. A final and well-documented report in relation to the international training experience must be submitted to the ILTS upon completion. Photos of the applicant, lab, and team members would be welcome upon completion, but not compulsory. The abstracts of the research or development projects are required to be submitted to the ILTS Education & Scholarship Committee and the abstracts should be submitted and presented at the annual congress of ILTS the next year.
  • In addition to the awardee report, a letter from the receiving institution should be written to the ILTS Scholarship Committee. Both documents have to be submitted within 3 months from the departure of the host institution.
  • All application submissions must fulfil the above requirements.


  • If a candidate is selected for the award, the candidate must:
    • Become a member of the ILTS at least for 2 years.
    • Attend the upcoming ILTS Annual Congress (typically in May) where the recipient(s) will be formally recognized at the Congress Awards Ceremony
      • The recipient will receive the benefit of free registration to attend the Annual Congress


An ILTS award selection committee will review the applications and make a recommendation to the ILTS Council.


Once a login is created, all information and documents submitted to the online application will be saved and accessible for completion at a later date.

The application must include the following:

  1. Completed Application
  2. Letter of recommendation from the home mentor and letter of acceptance of the host supervisor signed by the head of the department. Either person must be an ILTS member.
  3. Career Development Proposal (800-word maximum)
  4. Applicant CV (2 pages) with photo

To be considered, a completed online application must be submitted no later than the deadline date. 

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