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ILTS - The Knowledge Network for Liver Transplantation

Mission Statement

The mission of the ILTS is to promote and disseminate multidisciplinary scientific advances in liver transplantation worldwide.


The International Liver Transplantation Society (ILTS) is a dynamic, outward-looking, non-profit organization founded in 1990 to bring together all disciplines and institutions involved in liver transplantation across the world. Its aim is to enable communication and innovation among specialists in this growing field, recognizing that multidisciplinary expertise and collaboration are essential to success.  It also embraces a truly international perspective, because collective experience and open communication foster better patient outcomes in all countries.

Its 1470 members are surgeons, hepatologists, anesthesiologists, critical care physicians, pathologists, radiologists, laboratory scientists and allied health professionals, working in teams from more than 50 countries. They are a young and rapidly growing community (60% <45 years), inspired by the challenges of this field and able to use the best contemporary media platforms to share their knowledge and experience. Most are also recognised for outstanding ability in their respective specialities, since the skills and experience gained in liver transplantation are highly respected and transferable to other surgical and non-surgical settings. Senior members are firmly committed to both education and internationalism. This is reflected in well regarded annual congresses, speciality meetings and consensus conferences held in varied locations across the world, and in the range of scholarship and mentoring opportunities they support. Many members are international opinion leaders.

Why Support ILTS?

Your sponsorship and our members’ annual dues combine to support high-quality networking and education in the field of liver transplantation, including our annual congress and special topic meetings, and scholarships for promising trainees around the world.  Sponsorship also enables you to:

  • Network with internationally recognised leaders and mentors in the field
  • Interact with the new generation ILTS members, researchers and opinion leaders of the future
  • Introduce new products and services to the worldwide community of liver transplant professionals
  • Support ILTS mentoring of new programs in emerging regions

The three-day ILTS Congress is the world’s premier liver transplant event, attracting 1200-1500 specialist delegates, while the monthly ILTS newsletter reaches over 10,000 specialist colleagues from the same community. Supporting the congress offers high visibility and face-to-face interactions with world leaders in transplant and hepatobiliary surgery, hepatology and perioperative critical care. Sponsorship of the newsletter offers an even wider audience in all these disciplines, who are attracted to its selection of key recent papers and expert commentary, which often generates significant social media interest.

Senior surgeons and hepatologists from many of the world’s largest gastroenterology and transplant programs are engaged in both congress and newsletter activities.  Long term management of hepatic tumours, viral hepatitis, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease are recurring topics, as are advances in machine perfusion,  technical innovations in liver resection, and new diagnostic technologies. A substantial proportion of members specialize in perioperative and critical care and have interests in fluid management, hematological and cardiovascular monitoring,  antimicrobials, dialysis and liver support.

New Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in ILTS focus on topics of particular interest to sponsors, including Transplant Oncology, Machine Perfusion, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Cardiovascular Topics, Liver Donation, and Precision Medicine. SIGs involve a high proportion of our members and are active in congress and single-topic meeting programs, as well as hosting topic-based online discussions. SIG membership allows sponsors to gauge members’ interest in their products, and we welcome SIG session sponsorship.

Another asset soon to be offered to ILTS sponsors is the opportunity to highlight essential product information and relevant links in a new ‘ILTS Partners‘ section of our educational website. The website hosts a wealth of scientific and educational content, as well as society news and international directories of transplant centers and training fellowships. It attracts a high volume of member and non-member traffic, and we feel the addition of a product directory and structured information pages for industry partners is a promising innovation.

The ILTS-TTS Paired Programs initiative offers a unique opportunity to engage with new and growing transplant units in underserved regions.  This is a structured mentoring program between a well-resourced academic center in the developed world and a new, government-funded unit in an emerging country. This supports multidisciplinary training visits, regular online discussions, the development of adapted clinical protocols, local data collection and quality assurance efforts, and regular evaluation over a six-year period.  Sponsorship for this program delivers direct benefits to the local population and enhances connections and recognition in an emerging region, all at a very modest cost.

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ILTS – The Knowledge Network for Liver Transplantation!