DCD, Preservation 6 Machine Perfuction SIG TC – Jan 2020




Monday, 6 January 2020

16:00 Central Europe Time (CET)


Attendees: Executive Committee: Claus Niemann (President)


SIG Steering Committee: Paulo Martins, Wojciech Polak, Cristiano Quintini


Secretariat: Jwana Ribeiro da Silva, (Association Manager)


Excused:  Marina Berenguer (President-Elect), Robert Porte, Amelia J. Hessheimer, Marit Kalisvaart, Federica Dondero Pozzo, Philipp Dutkowski, Constantino Fondevila,  Paolo Muiesan,  (SIG SC)

Agenda Topic Person Reporting Notes / Reference Document
Topic 1:   ILTS infrastructure
Increased communication with the Executive Committee C. Niemann –       Dedicated group mailing have been set up for:

–       SIG at large: dcdpres@ilts-mail.org (155 members)

o    SIG members receive an invitation when they subscribe to the group

o    SIG group email draft policy & user information

–       SIG Steering Committee: dcdpres-sc@ilts-mail.org

o    ILTS President and President-Elect  are included, ILTS Management is not

o    Please read the SIG SC GROUP EMAIL POLICY

Regular teleconferences (every 3 to 4 months)

Quarterly online report on the SIG’s activities

ACTION: SIG Winter Report pending: https://ilts.org/applications/committee-sig-report/

Topic 2:  Current activities
Global performance Claus Niemann –       This is one of the most productive SIGs

–       Working groups are very active

Venice 2020 Claus Niemann –       Great interest from participants

–       116 registrations

–       Consensus Conference manuscript due August 1

ACTION: Marina Berenguer to share a Consensus paper outline with the SIG

Communication with the SIG-at-large Claus Niemann –       SIG newsletter template will be circulated to share news and relevant information with the 155 SIG members, every 2 months
Encouraging fundraising Paulo Martins ACTION: Paulo to share information on the AST fundraising initiative

ACTION: Discuss this topic in Venice

Topic 3:  next steps
ASTS – ILTS Cristiano Quintini –        Collaboration possibilities to be explored