Kasr Al-Ainy Consortium of Liver Transplantation Education Laying the Foundation of an Excellency Centre of Liver Transplantation (Kasr Al-Ainy School of Liver Transplantation) Round 2: Cholestasis post Liver Transplantation; A multidisciplinary Debates

In 2001 Kasr Al Ainy Professors of General Surgery, Hepatogastroenterology, Anesthesia and Radiology launched in collaboration with others the first Program of Living Donor Liver Transplantation in Egypt and the Middle East in the private sector followed by the launching of Cairo university Center of Liver Transplantation in 2004. More than 1200 Cases have been transplanted in Universities, Private and MOH Hospitals since that time representing about 30-35% of LDLT in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa. This cumulative great experience in different disciplines must eventually lead to a consortium laying out an Excellency center for Liver Transplantation Education which hold soon the name “Kasr Al-Ainy School of Liver Transplantation (KASL), so since 2001 we lead and became the pioneers in experiencing LDLT and our goal after 20 years to lead the education in this expanding field of a multidisciplinary medical career.


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