Couinaud’s Segmental Anatomy of the Liver and Proposed Classification of Pediatric Liver Tumors

Nature segments image-page-001 PRETEXT is distinct from Couinaud 8-segment (I–VIII) anatomic division of the liver. PRETEXT defines 4 ‘Sections’. Boundaries of each section defined by the right and middle hepatic veins, and umbilical fissure. FROM: Modern Pathology (2014) 27, 472–491, Towards an international pediatric liver tumor consensus classification: proceedings of the Los Angeles COG liver tumors symposium. Dolores López-Terrada, Rita Alaggio, Maria T de Dávila, Piotr Czauderna, Eiso Hiyama, Howard Katzenstein, Ivo Leuschner, Marcio Malogolowkin, Rebecka Meyers, Sarangarajan Ranganathan, Yukichi Tanaka, Gail Tomlinson, Monique Fabrè, Arthur Zimmermann and Milton J Finegold. (with permission).

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