Global impact of the first wave of COVID-19 on liver transplant centers

We are proud to announce the publication of findings of a multi-society survey on COVID-19 & liver transplantation

ILTS, the International Liver Transplantation Society, with ESOT, ELITA and EASL, are combining forces to address the important topic of how patients, healthcare professionals, and liver transplant centres across the world are affected by the pandemic – in their clinical care and waiting-list management.


We are proud to announce the publication of findings of a jointly run survey held from September to December 2020.


Some of the critical findings are:

  • The health emergency caused by the Coronavirus has dramatically changed clinical practice during the pandemic.
  • The first wave of pandemic impacted Liver Transplantation across the world differently, especially with detrimental effects on the hit countries.
  • The resilience of the entire transplant network has enabled the support of organ donations and transplants to ultimately improve the lives of patients with end-stage liver disease.


Read the findings of this jointly run global survey