ILTS Executive Committee Monthly TC – Sep 2019




Thursday, 19 September 2019

15:00 Central Europe Summer Time (CEST)


Attendees: Executive Committee:  Marina Berenguer (President-Elect), John Roberts (Secretary)

Secretariat:  Sumiko Tanaka (Association Manager), Carina Schmidt, Mirta Knezevic & Danijela Bogdanic (Conference Manager)

Excused:  Claus Niemann (President), Nancy Kwan Man (Immediate Past-President), Mark R. Ghobrial (Treasurer), John Klinck (Special Project Executive), Dermot Ryan (Executive Director), Sarah Haase & Jwana Ribeiro da Silva (Association Manager), Lydie Buleon (Business Development Liaison)

Agenda Topic Person Reporting Action Notes / Reference Document
Toronto 2019
e-Letter C Schmidt

Update – pending feedback from Claus
Orlando 2019
Updates D Bogdanic

Update – 85 registrations, 55 paying, 20,500.00 USD sponsorship for Orlando, Belmont is now onboard with 1,500.00 USD, $900 in donations to ILTS Members’ Fund for Education
Venice 2020
Updates D Bogdanic

Update – Registration opened today

– 32 confirmed speakers, Markus Selzner declined, 8 pending

Istanbul 2020
LOC finalized

S Haase / M Knezevic Update – Munci Kalayoglu the last LOC member not yet with confirmed ILTS membership.  Action: Have Yaman get in contact
Update C Schmidt Update – abstract submission open

– need to finalize the issues with the venue, catering, AV, etc.  Action: CS to ask Yaman for venue alternatives

Boat & Entertainment

C Schmidt Update – pending feedback from Yaman
Best of ILTS M Berenguer Proposal – For the summary of the meeting during the “Best of ILTS”, we should use branded ILTS slides for the presentation
Promotional slides C Schmidt Proposal – Action: distribute meeting slides to ExCo and Council and post a media package on the website
CC/ SPC/ WCM 2021
For discussion S Tanaka Proposal for Council – Alternative financial models

– Location options

– Topic

Action: Offline discussion to exchange ideas on the Forum for ExCo. Add to WCM agenda. Alternatives: Attach to the Congress? Put it all online like a webinar?

SPC as abstract reviewers M Knezevic Proposal for ExCo – all SPC meeting participants should be assigned abstracts to review

– Action: Include Jean Emond for the SPC and abstract review – revolked

ILTS Finances
Minutes from TC with Mark M Ghobrial / S Tanaka Update – bottom line: aim for a $150K surplus to add to the endowment each year

– need Quarterly meetings of the Finance Committee with the investment manager at Schwab

– need new members for the Finance Committee

Development Committee

J Klinck /

S Tanaka

Update – need a third working group to improve relationship with sponsors

– need ILTS representatives from Hepatology, Surgery, well-known

– need identify industry targets

– by default it is the ExCo,

– need to involve SIGs

– Style guide

– Brand manual

Fundraising S Tanaka/ S Haase ExCo approval


– rename the donation levels

  •   > 10K                     Thomas Starzl Fellow
  •   5K to 10K             President’s Circle
  •   1K-5K                    Major Contributor
  • <1K                        Contributor

– Claus: we may not be able to use the Starzl name.

–  no real benefit to changing the donation names, people are familiar with silver, gold, diamond levels

– any contact with Kang, Fung, de Wolf, Mas or Eason?

– no, not from Marina nor John R.

– need guidelines for large donations not earmarked for the Members’ Fund for Education

– MOU to be signed between ILTS and large donors, to include purpose and how it will be spent, etc.

– need to target regional partners to fund the TTS-ILTS Paired Transplant Centers Program

– Add Liz’s agenda with large donors

Committees & SIGs
Committees S Haase Update – Open applications October 1st

– Paired with a communications campaign to promote committee membership

– Communications campaign will also include awards promotion and candidate nominations, as well as the meetings


J Klinck Update – informing SIGs of the email policy and user guide
Transplantation S Tanaka Update – Final list of editors. Who/How to approach the non-members?

– Action: draft email to suggest editors become ILTS members

– Welcome & thank-you-for-your-service letters

– Action: feature in the next newsletter on the ILTS editors

AASLD S Tanaka Update – so far still no response from AASLD

Action: if Greg responds, pass on info to ExCo

Endorsements & Partnerships
Pan Arab Liver Transplantation Society

S Tanaka ExCo approval – see attachment

– Note: applicant not currently an ILTS member; How will the surplus of the meeting be used? – answer a bit vague, need more specifics;

Action: ST to draft a response

Romanian Association of HPB Surgery and LT. J Klinck ExCo review – see attached email correspondence

– Offered to be part of the TTS-ILTS Paired Transplantation Centers Program

Action: Need more details from Mark

ILTS-K.I.T agreement
Update ILTS records with new ED

S Tanaka President and Secretary signature – Power of Attorney and registration documents need to be updated to allow Dermot to sign on behalf of ILTS.  Action: Send via an e-sign document. Docusign
ILTS Secretariat update S Tanaka Update – Sarah Haase to go on maternity leave and a new team member Clara Hijano to start the end of September
October TC
Reschedule or cancel?

S Tanaka ExCo decision – Nancy unable to attend; the majority of the K.I.T. team onsite with conflicting meetings 17 Oct.

Action: Doodle to reschedule