In Memoriam of Paolo Muiesan

Professor Paolo Muiesan (1961-2022)


We regret the sad demise of Professor Paolo Muiesan (1961-2022). An accomplished surgeon, a brilliant academician, a dependable colleague, a style icon, a devoted friend, and most of all a loving father, Paolo’s death has come as a tremendous shock to us all.


Paolo made enormous contributions to the field of liver transplantation. Having worked for over 3 decades in the field, his pioneering efforts in the fields of split-liver transplantation, donation after cardiac death, machine perfusion and many others have hugely benefited mankind. Thousands of patients are alive today because of his talent and hard work.


Paolo was not only an expert surgeon; he was very active in the various international surgical and transplant societies. He held offices in ESOT, ELITA and was a council member of the ILTS. He worked tirelessly, championing the cause of organ-donation and transplantation across the globe. A very affable, positive and charismatic individual, Paolo was a wonderful human being. He was always very popular and made life-long friends easily.


Paolo worked for many years at King’s College Hospital (KCH), where he was responsible for the early introduction and success of DCD liver transplants, which he developed over a short period of time. He worked indefatigably on any task he set his sights on. He was also the surgical lead for hepatocellular carcinoma at KCH, and his contributions were immense in setting up and organising the service. At Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, he expanded the living donor programme and made a key contribution in developing new perfusion technologies. In recognition of his contributions, he was awarded a Personal Chair by the University of Birmingham.


His passing came after a period of illness. We know he is in a better place now, without sickness and pain, but we will still miss him terribly. His departure is a huge personal loss for many and more importantly a huge loss for the field of liver transplantation.


Our thoughts are with Paolo’s family, especially his children and we pray that his soul rests in peace.


Marina Berenguer, ILTS President

Mohamed Rela, ILTS President-Elect