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Coming soon! ILTS Vanguard Teleconference, September 26th 2019

Case Presentations (40 minutes):

  1. Graft selection for left lobe LDLT
  2. Auxiliary liver transplantation for acute liver failure and metabolic liver disease

Faculty commentary and participant Q&A (20 minutes)

Presenting centers:

Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Speaker: Dr. Taizo Hibi

Dr Rela Institute & Medical Center, Chennai, India

Speakers: Dr. Ashish George and Dr. Ashwin Rammohan

7:00 am US Central Daylight Time, September 26st, 2019

Log-in details here

These exciting presentations run live online every 4-6 weeks, co-ordinated by Varia Kirchner and colleagues on the ILTS Vanguard Committee. If you have an interesting case-based topic that you would like to present in an ILTS Vanguard Teleconference, please contact Varia Kirchner at kirc0079@umn.edu.

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Missed Toronto? Catch up on all the latest in liver transplantation: 10 state-of-the-art reports on the 2019 Annual Congress from members of the ILTS Vanguard Committee are available now in Education.

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