A career in LDLT: What the Experts Feel – B. Clinical Challenges in LDLT

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May 4, 2022

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Learning objectives:

A. 30 minutes session. 3 experts involved in liver transplantation (with large experience in living donor LT)  will answer questions in the mind of young professionals either seeking / or early into a career in LT. It is seen nowadays that LT is no longer a sought after field as a career option, and early burnout is also common.    B. 30 minutes. 2 interesting clinical / diagnostic dilemma's will be selected amongst entries submitted (invited under the LDLT SIG banner through emailing through the SIG platform) – including radiology/pathology/surgical procedure etc. in LDLT. The above expert panel will share their views regarding appropriateness on the approach followed.   Yaman Tokat (Turkey) Prashant Bhangui (India)   Click here to view this session in the congress program.
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