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Vanguard Reports

A new series on highlights of the Joint Congress of ILTS, ELITA & LICAGE, Lisbon 2018

Edited by Prashant Bhangui

Mamatha Bhat:  Translational Science, Outcomes, Viral Hepatitis

Ryan Chadha:  Anesthesia / Critical Care, The Marginal Candidate

Alan Contreras:  Rising Star Abstracts, PSC, Limits in Oncology

Varia Kirschner:  Graft Injury Mechanisms & Prevention, The High Risk Candidate

Eleonora de Martin:  Marginal Candidate, Viral Hepatitis, Immunosuppression

Amelia Hessheimer:  NAS in DCD, Biliary Injury & Graft Fibrosis

Gokhan Kabacam:  Donor & Recipient Selection, ALF, Late-breaking Abstracts 

Marit Kalisvaart: AKI, DCD & Outcomes, Late-breaking Abstracts 

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