Transplantation has been the official ILTS journal since 2015, and is available free to all ILTS members. It has been a trusted source for extensive and timely coverage of the most important advances in transplantation for nearly 50 years, and is now much enhanced by ILTS-sponsored editorial and scientific contributions.  It hosts all official ILTS guidelines and consensus statements, and has ILTS-badged sections on liver clinical and liver basic science.

Congratulations to Dr. Jeremy Chapman and the editorial board of Transplantation Journal for the remarkable rise in the impact factor to an impressive 6.2! I would also like to acknowledge the dedicated ILTS members whose numerous outstanding papers have played a crucial role in this achievement. This success is a testament to the power of teamwork and collaboration within the transplantation community.

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ILTS-SETH Oncology Recommendations available now!  

The January 2022 issue of Transplantation features the full text of the ILTS-SETH consensus conference recommendations in four authoritative papers. A summary of the purpose and methodology of this comprehensive review precedes these papers, as follows:

  • The ILTS-SETH Consensus Conference on Extrahepatic Cancer and Liver Transplantation: paving the way

This commentary provides an introductory summary of the purpose and methods of the ILTS-SETH guidelines on extra-hepatic cancer in liver transplant recipients.

  • Evaluation & management of liver transplant candidates with prior non-hepatic cancer

Waitlisting a patient with a prior history of cancer is always complex and specific to each individual but guidelines on the principles, processes and data are important to improve the outcome for eqch person.

  • Prevention and management of donor-transmitted cancer after liver transplantation

Preventing donor transmitted cancer requires careful approaches to donor risk assessment and is specific to each type and stage of donor cancer. These ILTS-SETH guidelines provide a substantial body of information and the guidance that clinicians need to advise on risk management for their patients awaiting a liver transplant.

  • De novo malignancy after liver transplantation – risk assessment, prevention and management guidance

Everything is different for a patient with cancer who has a transplant compared to someoine that doesn’t. Prevention, screening, prognosis and treatment are worlds apart. These comprehensive ILTS-SETH guidelines provide great advice on both unit policy development and for individual patient management.

  • Non-hepatic cancer in the pediatric liver transplant population

Young transplant recipients are at the greatest relative risk for developing Cancers compared to their age cohort peers without transplants. This ILTS-SETH guideline provides the most current and comprehensive accumulation of data and advice on these most complex of children. 

ILTS Liver Editorial Team

Executive Editor

  • Jean C. Emond, MD

Liver Deputy Editor Medical

  • Francois Durand, MD

Liver Deputy Editor Surgical

  • Peter Friend, PhD, MD, MA

Liver Deputy Editor Basic Science

  • Nancy Kwan Man, MBBS, PhD

Associate Editors

  • Albert Chan, MBBS, FRCS, FCSHK, FHKAM
  • Manuel Rodriguez Davalos, MD
  • Mary Amanda Dew, PhD
  • Susumu Eguchi, MD, PhD, FACS, FEBS
  • James Findlay, MD
  • Constantino Fondevila, MD, PhD
  • Tom Gallagher, MS, MCh, FEBS, FRCSI
  • Wayel Jassem, MD, PhD
  • Keri Lunsford, MD, PhD
  • Gavin Pettigrew, MB, ChB, MD, FRCS
  • Eberhard Renner, MD, FRCP
  • Erin Rubin, MD, FCAP
  • Faouzi Saliba, MD, PhD
  • Gonzalo Sapisochin, MD
  • Nazia Selzner, MD, PhD
  • Mary Ann Simpson, MD
  • Simone I Strasser, MBBS, MD, FRACP
  • Yasuhiko Sugawar, MD, PhD
  • Heidi Yeh, MD
  • Gebhard Wagener, MD
  • Gabriel Gondolesi, MD (Intestine Tx)
  • Valeria Mas, PhD, FAST (Basic Science)

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