ILTS announces new online journal service with Ovid Technologies

As liver transplantation is offered ever more widely around the world, colleagues in new programs and emerging regions often have limited access to mainstream specialty journals. ILTS has responded by investing in better scientific and educational resources while maintaining very low membership fees. This new Journals section will offer a step change in the value of ILTS membership.

Transplantation is available from the link below using a unique username and password emailed to each member by the publisher within 28 days of joining ILTS. We regret this delay and are now implementing a solution that will allow immediate access from the end of June 1017.

The other journals are accessed via the Ovid platform as follows:

  1. Log into this site as a member, then click the down arrow next to your name (red box at top right of every page).
  2. Select My Profile, then Journal Access (direct link).
  3. Use the login details shown to sign in. These will be changed frequently, so if access to Ovid is denied refer back to this page for the latest username and password.
  4. Once into Ovid, click Journals – top left in the blue banner. 

Transplantation (ILTS Official Journal)

Liver Transplantation

American Journal of Transplantation

Transplant International



Transplantation has been the official ILTS journal since 2015, and is available free to all ILTS members. It has been a trusted source for extensive and timely coverage of the most important advances in transplantation for nearly 50 years, and is now much enhanced by ILTS-sponsored editorial and scientific contributions.  It hosts all official ILTS guidelines and consensus statements, and has ILTS-badged sections on liver clinical and liver basic science. Learn more about the journal.

ILTS Liver Editorial Team


  • Jeremy Chapman, MD, FRCP, FRACP

Executive Editor

  • Elizabeth A. Pomfret, MD, PhD

Deputy Editors

  • Marina Berenguer, MD,
  • Jean C. Emond, MD,
  • Nancy Kwan Man, MBBS, MS, PhD

Associate Editors

  • See-Ching Chan, MBBS, MS, PhD, MD
  • Michael Charlton, MD
  • Daniela Ladner, MD, PhD
  • Valeria Mas, PhD
  • Claus Niemann, MD
  • Eberhard Renner, MD, FRCP
  • Faouzi Saliba, MD, PhD
  • Paolo Salvalaggio, MD, PhD
  • Shinji Uemoto, MD, PhD
  • Heidi Yeh, MD

Linked open access title: Transplantation® Direct

Transplantation Direct is an open access portal supporting rapid electronic publication of high-quality, peer-reviewed basic science and clinical research in transplantation. The journal has been made possible through the joint efforts of The Transplantation Society, its affiliated international Sections, ILTS, and the journal Transplantation. It features original scientific papers, key registry reports, abstracts from international meetings and state of the art educational content. The flexibility of multimedia electronic publishing, combined with high standards of peer review and outstanding editorial leadership, has created a powerful new resource in the field of transplantation. For more information about Transplantation Direct, please visit ‘About the Journal’.

Submitting a manuscript to Transplantation or Transplantation Direct

For general information please visit ‘Instructions for Authors’ . Authors can submit manuscripts to Transplantation via the Transplantation Editorial Manager page or to Transplantation Direct via the Transplantation Direct Editorial Manager page. Further instructions for authors wishing to submit articles can be found here. This page contains information on the different article types in the journal. More article types will be added to the page in the near future. Transplantation editors decide to publish an article within 21 days, giving authors a quick response to their submissions.

Transplantation App

The Transplantation app is available for iPad users and provides:

  • Easy-to-read, full-text articles that you can share via email or social media
  • The ability to store or delete downloaded issues
  • Speedy issue-browsing capability via Quick View
  • Quick scrolling through abstract summaries
  • Convenient notification when a new issue is available
  • Links to view supplemental material and browse the Transplantation archive