ILTS Members’ Fund for Education

Welcome to the ILTS Members’ Fund for Education!

Donated: $652,905.00
Target: $1,000,000

Why donate?  We need your help to establish a secure annual income dedicated exclusively to the ILTS educational mission.

Our aim is to raise a $1 million capital fund. Donations will only be used to build this fund, and will be prudently invested to provide evergreen support for scholarships, travel awards, lectureships and mentoring in all aspects of liver transplantation in all regions of the world. The fund will also support innovations in communication that facilitate education in our field.

The focus will be education, including improved educational methodology and better communication between liver transplant programs. In this spirit, designated awards must help disseminate the latest scientific knowledge and best clinical practice across regions and worldwide. The fund is not intended to support basic or clinical research, and will not be used for non-educational functions of the society, which are funded from members’ subscriptions and other sources.

The fund beneficiaries will be the next generation of liver transplant professionals, whose commitment and energy will advance quality of care and improve outcomes in liver transplantation in the decades ahead. This includes physicians, scientists, nurses, co-ordinators and allied health practitioners, both established and in training, in all specialties and all countries represented by the ILTS membership.

Who should donate? Anyone can donate, and we hope that all ILTS members will wish to make some contribution to the future of the society. However, we recognize that many, especially those in training, are hard pressed even to participate in meetings. We must therefore rely heavily on the good will and generosity of senior ILTS members, past presidents, industry supporters and private benefactors to achieve this goal. We appeal to them to help build a legacy of greater opportunity, fellowship and productive communication than has previously been possible in our field.

Help us build our educational network, and to translate the latest high quality research into ever better clinical care for liver transplant donors and recipients across the world.

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