Special Interest Groups

ILTS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together clinicians, scientists and allied health professionals who share a common interest in specific aspects of liver transplantation, promoting education and research in a wide range of topics.

The following special interest groups and specialist committee forums have been launched.

Each has an expert steering committee, a dedicated resources page and a group email platform for discussion.

Join any of these from your ILTS.org profile page.

Acute Liver Failure

Advanced Techniques in Hepatobiliary Surgery

Alcohol-related Liver Disease (ALD) SIG

Cardiovascular Topics in Liver Transplantation

DCD, Preservation & Machine Perfusion

Infectious Diseases and Liver Transplantation

Living Donor Liver Transplantation

Liver Transplant Immunology

Liver Transplant Oncology

Precision Medicine and Biomarkers in Liver Transplantation

Group Emails

How to join: Members can select any SIG from their profile page: click on your name, your profile and add a SIG group.