Special Interest Groups

ILTS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are being introduced to bring together clinicians, scientists and allied health professionals who share a common interest in specific aspects of liver transplantation, promoting education and research in a wide range of topics. SIG membership will be open to any ILTS member.

Key SIG tasks:

  • Propose topics for ILTS congress and specialist meetings
  • Select invited speakers and abstracts
  • Develop ILTS clinical guidelines and consensus statements
  • Develop ILTS online learning modules
  • Prioritize and organize of multicentre clinical research
  • Select topics and data fields for ILTS registries

Key SIG resources:

  • Administrative support from ILTS staff
  • Dedicated, mobile-optimized Listserv-style discussion groups
  • org lectures platform and topic alerts
  • org guideline development software
  • org registry / research platform

SIG leadership roles:

  • Chair, Vice-chair, Past-chair and 7 additional Steering Committee members

  • The Chair will:

o   Set the agenda and preside over the annual SIG business meeting and other SIG meetings/webinars

o   Work closely with the Vice-chair and ILTS staff to develop member communications and membership marketing

o   Oversee the SIG Steering Committee

o   Participate in quarterly conference calls and one in-person meeting annually with the Council Liaison (President Elect) and other ILTS leadership. If the SIG Chair cannot participate in one of the calls, the Vice-chair will represent the Chair, or a representative from the SIG steering committee in the absence of the Vice-chair.

o   Prepare reports for ILTS council and SIG Annual Business Meeting at annual congress

o   Serve in other relevant roles as requested by the ILTS Council (e.g. represent the ILTS or select a representative for different topic-related committees, boards, etc.)

o   Work with the Vice-chair and steering committee to develop educational activities for SIG members

  • The Vice-chair will:

o   Assist Chair with annual business meeting and other SIG membership meetings

o   Assist Chair with Steering Committee oversight

o   Serve as the representative of the SIG in the absence of the Chair

o   Approve official minutes of SIG business meetings in collaboration with ILTS staff

o   Prepare, review and keep a record of minutes of the SIG meetings and conference calls;

o   maintain any reports of appointed groups

o   Report newly appointed SIG members and deceased/retired SIG members

o   Maintain list of SIG members

  • The Past-chair will:

  • support the Chair and Vice-chair in a mentoring role and assist with any administrative matters as required

  • The Steering Committee members will:

o   Work together to effectively represent all SIG members

o   Serve additional responsibilities as requested by ILTS Council including

      • Review and update of abstract categories and descriptors for topics specific to the SIG
      • Propose a ranked list of abstract reviewers for each of the abstract categories specific for the SIG to be reviewed and approved by the ILTS President Elect. Abstract reviewers should be selected on the basis of demonstrated expertise based on recent peer-reviewed publications in the specific area.

  • Terms of reference for SIG governance and proceedings will be defined. Initial proposal is to use same procedures as for committees, except that SIG membership is open to all members.