Complex Liver Cases – September 2023

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September 22, 2023

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Ruth Blanco Colino


Dr Ruth Blano Colino is a Senior Clinical Fellow Hepatobiliary and Liver Transplant Surgery at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds, UK. PhD student at Universitat Autonoma of Barcelona.

Nazia Selzner

Expert panel

Dr Nazia Selzner is the ILTS President-Elect. She is a Transplant Hepatologist, Medical Director of the Living Donor Liver Transplant Program at Toronto General Hospital and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto.

Heather Draper

Expert panel

Professor Heather Draper is the Chair of Bioethics at Warwick Medical School in the UK. She has served on several national policy bodies including the UK Donation Ethics Committee and Unrelated Liver Transplantation Regulatory Authority, and she is also the ethics consultant for the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine.

Nicolas Goldaracena

Expert panel

Dr Nicolas Goldaracena is the Surgical Director of the University of Virginia Living Donor Liver Transplant Program and UVA Paediatric Liver Transplant Program. His clinical and research interests are focused on long term outcomes in living donors and he has published well on the topic of altruistic liver donation.

Subash Gupta

Expert panel

Professor Subash Gupta is the chief of liver transplantation and HPB surgery, and the chairman of the Max Center of Liver and Biliary Sciences at Max Healthcare, New Delhi, India. His centre currently performs more than 400 transplants per year, the majority of which are LDLTs. He is also the Ex-President of the Liver Transplant Society of India.

Julie Jeffery

Expert panel

Ms Julie Jeffery is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner for the Live Donor Liver Transplant programme at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust UK. She has been the LDLT coordinator at Leeds since 2006 and has special interest in altruistic living donor liver donation.

Abdul Rahman Hakeem


Dr Abdul Rahman Hakeem is a Consultant in Hepatobiliary and Liver Transplant Surgery at The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust & a Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds, UK. Trained by Professor Mohamed Rela, his interests are in expanding LDLT in the West.

Madhukar Patel


Dr Madhukar Patel is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. He is the Surgical Director of the UT Southwestern Living-Donor Liver Transplantation Program. Dr. Patel is actively involved in research focused on developing strategies to improve the number and quality of organs available for transplant.

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