Africa HepatoPancreatoBiliary Cancer Consortium (AHPBCC)

The Africa HepatoPancreatoBiliary Cancer Consortium (AHPBCC) will hold its second annual scientific conference in Accra, Ghana, from August 23rd-26th, 2023. More than 175 attendees from across Africa and the world will gather the most up-to-date information during basic science, translational, and clinical research sessions to harness resources and expertise to address the increasing problem of higher incidence and mortality of hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancers in Africa.



August 23rd (Wednesday)

Preconference Sessions (1/2 day each)

Morning Sessions (9-12pm)

(1) Clinical Tools and Skills to Diagnose and Monitor HPB Related Cancers – Abdominal Ultrasounds and FibroScan

(2) Advanced Endoscopy: ERCP and EUS

(3) Pathology

(4) Surgical Skills and Techniques for HPB Surgeons


 August 24th (Thursday)

8-11:30am: Conference Programming (Sub-theme 1: HPB Cancer Epidemiology, Risk and Prevention)

1:00-4:00pm: Conference Programming (Sub-theme 2: HPB Cancer Detection and Diagnosis)


August 25th (Friday)

8-11:30am: Conference Programming (Sub-theme 3: Building Collaborative Teams, Identifying Funding Mechanisms and Publishing Research in Africa)

1:00-4:00pm: Conference Programming (Sub-theme 4: Clinical Treatment and Palliative Care in HPB Diseases)


August 26th (Saturday)

8-11:00am: Conference Programming (Sub-theme 5: Implementing Liver Transplantation Programs in Africa)

11am: Closing Keynote and Remarks, Dismissal

1-2pm: Executive/Planning



Event Date


Labadi Beach Hotel

No 1 La Bypass


Greater Accra Region


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