Vanguard – Complex Liver Cases – January 2024

ILTS invites you to the January 19th Vanguard Webinar on Complex Liver Cases organized by the ILTS Vanguard Committee

Event Recording

Complex Liver Cases

Liver Transplantation Pathology: Snapshots of Cases

January 19, 2024

9 am EST

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Ever wanted a deeper understanding of pathology? The Vanguard Committee presents a novel webinar to educate members on important topics in pathology. This lecture/webinar is not targeted to pathologists, but rather catered to patient-fronting clinicians (hepatologists, transplant surgeons, and oncologists), and the content covered is essentially what a very experienced pathologist (with over 40 years of clinical service) hopes that non-pathology clinicians will pay attention to in a pathology report.

Webinar objectives:

  1. In the context of liver transplantation (e.g., donor or recipient problems), when does a clinician know that he/she needs to make a phone call to pathologists to ‘discuss’ a case?
  2. What does it mean when a pathologist says that a case is ‘challenging’, and why do clinicians have to pay attention?
  3. Why and how do pathologists make diagnostic errors, and how can clinicians help to prevent errors or work with pathologists to arrive at the correct diagnosis more quickly, which could have positive implications on patient management?

To get the most out of our upcoming webinar, it is strongly recommended you view this background webinar which will give you the key pearls on how to best approach any liver allograft biopsy interpretation.

If you have an interesting case-based topic that you would like to present in an ILTS Vanguard Webinar, please fill in this electronic case submission form.

After the webinar, you will be able to view the recording on the ILTS education portal.

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Speaker Details

Aileen Wee


Professor Aileen Wee is an internationally recognized authority in liver pathology, with over four decades of clinical service at the National University Hospital, Singapore. She has served as a coauthor of three important basic pathology texts used by most liver pathologists worldwide, including an edition of the World Health Organization (WHO)'s classification of Tumors of the Digestive System, as well as several international guidelines and consensus articles. She was also recently invited to be lead editor of the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)'s reporting system on liver cytopathology, and is a member of the newly formed International NAFLD Pathology Group.

Nicholas Syn


Dr. Nicholas Syn is the inaugural Dean’s Fellow at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. He has published over 260 scientific manuscripts, including articles in The Lancet, The Lancet Oncology, Nature Communications, BMC Medicine, Journal of Clinical Oncology, BMJ Gut etc. He was named among the World’s Top 2% of Scientists ranking published by Stanford University and Elsevier based on calendar year citations in 2022 and 2023. Dr Syn’s clinical and research interests are in regenerative hepatology and molecular pathology. He is skilled in evidence synthesis, advanced biostatistics, neural networks, and bioinformatics.

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