2023 Election Results

We are excited to announce the election of future ILTS board members who will join the ILTS Council and Executive Committee beginning in June 2023.

ILTS 2023-2024 President-Elect

Congratulations to Dr Nazia Selzner, our next ILTS President-Elect! Dr Selzner is a Transplant Hepatologist, Medical Director of the Living Donor LiverTransplant Program at Toronto General Hospital, and the current ILTS Treasurer.


ILTS Treasurer 2023-2027

We are delighted to announce the election of Dr Bijan Eghtesad, Transplant Surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, as the next ILTS Treasurer, from June 2023 with a four-year mandate.


Upcoming ILTS Council Members 2023-2027

Thank you to Drs P. Bhangui, A. Kow, W. Polak, and J. Pomposelli for your significant commitment of time and talent to advance the goals of the Society for the years ahead (June 23-May 27).