2023 Society Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2023 Society Award winners!


We thank you for the impressive contributions you have made towards ILTS, and the liver transplantation field in general. We are honored to recognize your achievements and celebrate with you at the 2023 ILTS Congress in Rotterdam.


Basic Science Awards

1. 2023 Basic Science Established Investigator Award – Valeria Mas MS, PhD, FAST

2. 2023 Basic Science Investigator Award – Juliet Emamaullee, MD, PhD


Clinical Science Awards

1. 2023 Paolo Muiesan Clinical Science Est. Investigator Award – Kristopher Croome MD

2. 2023 Clinical Science Investigator Award – Gonzalo Sapisochin, MD, PhD, MSc


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee Award

1. 2023 Advancing Equity in Liver Transplantation Award – Victoria Aguilera Sancho-Tello, MD, PhD


Education and Scholarship Committee Awards

1. 2023 REAL Advancing in Liver Transplantation Award – Roberto Hernandez, MD, FACS; Alfred Kow, Prashant Bhangui, MS, MBBS


Vanguard Awards

Basic Science Vanguard Award

1. Jiang Liu, MS, PHD

2. Dr. Li Pang


Clinical Science Vanguard Award

3. Jiro Kusakabe, MD, PhD

4. Dr. Thierry Artzner