ILTS Basic and Translational Research Committee – Video Competition

The ILTS Basic and Translational Research Committee invites you to create and submit a video regarding a specialized technique or analytical approach related to basic and translational research in liver transplantation. There is no specific video topic, but it must relate to research (i.e. not a video on clinical surgical technique or outcomes research). The idea behind this initiative is to inspire adoption of such novel tools in transplant research!


For example:

  • In vivoor in vitro models for functional and mechanistic studies in liver regeneration, graft preservation, graft injury, rejection/tolerance, as well as tumor metastasis (e.g., 3D culture, organoids, mouse or rat orthotopic liver transplant).
  • The translation of basic science findings into clinical use (e.g., machine perfusion, operational tolerance, and diagnosis of early allograft dysfunction).
  • Introduction of novel platforms or analytical methods related to the basic science of liver transplantation (e.g., single cell analysis, big data, machine learning, and integration of multi-omic data)

All ILTS members are encouraged to submit. Early career/fellows/trainees are especially encouraged to participate.


Video Format:

  • English language, subtitles are encouraged
  • High-quality resolution (>=640×360; Bps (bit per second) >=800kbps)
  • Format: mp4, flv, f4v,webm
  • Under 8 min in length



Videos will be available for viewing after to the ILTS 2023 Congress. Videos will also be displayed at a video booth at the 2023 ILTS meeting in Rotterdam.



Participants at the ILTS 2023 Congress will be able to vote at the ILTS booth on their favorite video. Votes may be cast through a QR code. Following the Congress, the Basic & Translational Research Committee will also vote on their favorite videos.

When choosing a favorite video, please consider the content (what is being said), innovation (is this a new endeavor or a modification of an existing technique?), and impact (what is the effect of this technique on the liver transplant population?).



The Ajmera Transplant Center will generously be supporting monetary prizes totaling $5,000USD. Prizes will be presented to the top 5-7 video submissions after the ILTS 2023 Congress.


How to Apply?

Use the platform WeTransfer and share your video to

Deadline for Submission: April 15, 2023