2020 ILTS Officer Nominations

The next ILTS President-Elect shall serve a term of one year, following which he or she automatically succeeds to the office of President. In case of unavailability of the President, he or she will perfom the President’s duties, representing the interests of the Society towards other societies and the general public and pursuing the goals of ILTS.

Eligible nominees are current ILTS Councilors or have served during the last five years. ILTS Bylaws – Article III

ILTS Council History


*total of 7 councilors



*total of 7 councilors


*total of 7 councilors



Josh Levitsky Josh Levitsky Josh Levitsky Josh Levitsky Francois Durand Francois Durand
Chao-Long Chen Chao-Long Chen Mark Ghobrial Mark Ghobrial Gabriela Berlakovich Gabriela Berlakovich
Claus Niemann Claus Niemann John Roberts John Roberts Bijan Eghtesad Bijan Eghtesad
SG Lee Nancy Kwan Man Nancy Kwan Man Mohamed Rela Mohamed Rela Mohamed Rela
Marina Berenguer Marina Berenguer Marina Berenguer Yaman Tokat Yaman Tokat Yaman Tokat
John O’Grady John O’Grady John O’Grady John O’Grady Valeria Mas Valeria Mas
Pierre Clavien Pierre Clavien Hiroto Egawa Hiroto Egawa Hiroto Egawa Hiroto Egawa
John Roberts Paolo Muiesan Paolo Muiesan

Eligible nominees for the 2020-2021 President-Elect office are:

  1. Gabriela Berlakovich
  2. Chao-Long Chen
  3. Pierre Clavien
  4. Francois Durand
  5. Hiroto Egawa
  6. Bijan Eghtesad
  7. Mark Ghobrial
  8. SG Lee
  9. Josh Levitsky
  10. Valeria Mas
  11. Paolo Muiesan
  12. John O’Grady
  13. Mohamed Rela
  14. John Roberts
  15. Yaman Tokat

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