Vanguard Webinar – September 2019 II

Thanks to the organisers and presenters of another superb webinar. Presentations can be viewed by ILTS members in the specialty sections under Education: Anesthesia/CCM, Surgery, or Hepatology.

We regret that discussion and commentary on the first case was lost due to a recording error.

Case Presentations (40 minutes):

  1. Blood product management during liver transplantation in a patient with extremely rare blood crossmatch
  2. Bridging the gap for right lobe LDLT in a “vanished” cava

Faculty commentary and participant Q&A (20 minutes)

Presenting centers:

Department of Anesthesia, University of Minnesota, USA (Speaker: Dr. Jeff Grosland and Dr. Roy Kiberenge)

Division of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery and Liver Transplantation, Department of Surgery, Queen Mary Hospital, the University of Hong Kong, Hong-Kong (Speakers: Dr. My Chan and Dr. Albert Chan)

These exciting presentations run live online every 4-6 weeks, co-ordinated by Varia Kirchner and colleagues on the ILTS Vanguard Committee. If you have an interesting case-based topic that you would like to present in an ILTS Vanguard Teleconference, please contact Varia Kirchner at

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