ILTS Committee Group Email Policy


Dedicated email addresses have been set up for each ILTS Committee and Special Interest Group (SIG) Steering Committee. These special addresses are intended to serve as private discussion forums and prevent personal (one-to-one) communication*. Please respect this exclusivity and do not forward to or copy in any other address.

*based on the CenterSpan Listserv of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons

Kindly note that SIGs-at-large have separate group emails for academic use only (


  • The email address of the committee members registered for the dedicated group mailing is the one indicated in the member’s user profile. If you wish to add a secondary email address or signify a change of contact, please contact the management team (
  • The ILTS President and President-Elect are included in the group mailing.
  • The ILTS Management Team ( is not included in the discussion group.


  • Emails sent to the group email are received by ALL Committee members/SIG Steering Committee members.
  • Any reply is automatically REPLY ALL.
  • The forwarding of e-mails from other recipients (not members of this list) is not permitted.
  • A TOPIC HEADING in block capitals in the subject line of each message is recommended to identify separate discussions, e.g. ‘VENUE, ‘PROGRAM’, etc.
  • Depending on your email provider, you may receive emails sent to the group mailing as attachments. Simply open the attachments to have access to the message, in either text or .htm format (which supports hyperlinks)- see example below:

Please follow these carefully to ensure the success of this platform and do not hesitate to contact the management team directly should you have any question (

Wishing you productive discussions!

ILTS management team