ILTS Consensus Conference: DCD, Liver Preservation & Machine Perfusion

The ILTS Consensus Conference 2020 will focus on the newest research and trial results in liver machine perfusion technology and DCD liver transplantation.

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ILTS 2020 Consensus Conference on DCD, Liver Preservation & Machine Perfusion:

January 31, 2020
San Servolo Residential and Study Centre
Isola di San Servolo n. 1
30124 Venice, Italy

DCD livers have been seen to be an important additional source of organs for transplantation; nonetheless, they carry additional risk relative to standard DBD grafts. The first goal of this conference is to discuss both the opportunities and challenges of DCD liver transplantation.

Machine perfusion is a rising technique for ex situ preservation of liver allografts to help improve their quality and assess and even recover grafts that were previously discarded. The second goal of this conference is to evaluate the use and outcomes of the current machine perfusion techniques. We will also focus on the design of future clinical trials in liver perfusion.


DCD Liver Transplantation

08.30-08.50 Donor warm ischemia time (DWIT)

08.50-09.10 Donor and recipient selection in DCD

09.10-09.30 Early allograft dysfunction and Complications

09.30-09.50 Predicting outcomes and graft assessment in DCD

09.50-10.10 Regulations and procurement surgery in DCD

Machine Perfusion and clinical trial session

10.30-11.00 Overview of machine liver perfusion technology, which grafts require machine perfusion?

11.00-11.20 Normothermic regional perfusion

11.20-11.40 Hypothermic machine perfusion

11.40-12.00 Normothermic machine perfusion

12.00-12.20 Special Considerations and Pitfalls in Clinical Trials using Machine Perfusion

13.45-16.15 Afternoon Working Groups

DCD Liver Transplantation

Working Group 1: Donor warm ischemia time (DWIT)

1) Definition of functional WIT, importance of hepatectomy time

2) Importance of SpO2, SBP and MAP

3) Acceptable tresholds for DWIT

Working Group 2: Donor and recipient selection and risk prediction in DCD

1) Should there be a threshold for donor age, donor BMI and cold ischemia time?

2) Should there be a threshold for recipient age, BMI and MELD?

3) Should we use DCD livers for any recipient disease and condition?

Working Group 3: Early allograft dysfunction and Complications

1) How accurate is the current EAD definition and development of new models ?

2) What is an acceptable complication rate after DCD liver transplantation?

3) What are potential strategies to reduce complication rates?

4) Should post-transplantation cholangiographic imaging be performed on protocol or PRN basis?

Working Group 4: Regulations and procurement surgery in DCD

1) What is the impact of ethical regulations on DCD liver donation and procurement in different countries?

2) What is the standard liver retrieval technique today and what are relevant technical considerations?

3) Options for NRP

4) DCD after euthanasia

Machine perfusion

Working Group 5: Role and types of machine perfusion

1) What are the most relevant perfusion devices and techniques, currently explored?

2) What is the clinical evidence of different perfusion techniques in DCD liver transplantation?

3) What are relevant markers used for viability testing during machine perfusion?

Working Group 6: Clinical trial design

1) Which preservation techniques should be compared in the next randomized trials?

2) What are clinically relevant trial endpoints?

3) Which grafts should be included?

16.30-18.30 Working group presentations with summarizing statements

18.30 – 19.00 Consensus Summary


The program is organized by the ILTS Special Interest Group for DCD, Liver Preservation & Machine Perfusion.


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The 2020 Consensus Conference goals are to discuss both the opportunities and challenges of DCD liver transplantation and to evaluate the use and outcomes of the current machine perfusion techniques. Conference attendance will be strictly limited to a maximum of 130 senior medical professionals.

Target Audience:

senior-level medical professionals (including intensivists, anesthesiologists, transplant coordinators, surgeons, hepatologists, and basic scientists) actively involved in DCD liver transplantation and/or the clinical application of liver perfusion technologies.

Conference outcomes:

  • The Consensus Conference proceedings will be published in the journal, ‘Transplantation‘.
  • A summary of the proceedings will be disseminated widely and be available on the ILTS website.
  • Sessions based on the Consensus Conference will take place at the ILTS Congress 2020 in Istanbul.

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The San Servolo Residential and Study Centre can only be reached by water bus (vaporetto). The water bus Line 20 leaves from San Zaccaria platform B which is on the waterfront east of the Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square) and the journey takes approx. 10 minutes. Water bus timetable is available here *.

From the Airport Marco Polo to San Servolo
International flights to Venice usually land at Marco Polo Airport, 8 miles from Venice (VCE). Take the blue line water bus from the airport till San Zaccaria.The Marco Polo Blue Line Water Bus timetable is available here *. From San Zaccaria take the line 20 to San Servolo.

From the Santa Lucia train station till Piazza San Marco / San Zaccaria:
From the stop Ferrovia Station E (which is in front of the train station), take the water bus Line 1 or 2 till San Zaccaria. From San Zaccaria take the line 20 to San Servolo.

From the Airport Treviso to San Servolo
The second nearby airport is Treviso. Transport to Venice is very straightforward: a connecting coach service links each flight with Piazzale Roma. From Piazzale Roma, take water bus Line 2, 4.1 or 5.1 till Piazza San Marco / San Zaccaria. From San Zaccaria take the line 20 to San Servolo.

*Please note that timetables are valid till November 2.

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San Servolo Residential and Study Centre

Isola di San Servolo n. 1