Join an ILTS Special Interest Groups: Your Ticket to Expertise and Collaboration

The Advanced Techniques in Hepatobiliary Surgery and the Alcohol-related Liver Disease SIGs are still looking for new leadership. Applications open until April 15, 2024.

Elevate Your Involvement: Become a Member and Make a Difference

ILTS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together clinicians, scientists, and allied health professionals who share a common interest in specific aspects of liver transplantation, promoting education and research in a wide range of topics.
Each SIG has an expert steering committee, and several of these are looking for new members for the next 3-year term from May 2024.
SIG members can now apply for regular membership and for the role of topic coordinator in the SIG Steering Committees (SC). Both regular members and topic coordinators serve for 3 years. Current SC members can also apply for an extension, but renewal will be based on exceptional contributions and is limited to a term of two years.

Applications closed on March 15, 2024, except for the Advanced Techniques in Hepatobiliary Surgery and ALD SIGs.

The succession process will recognize and balance a number of factors. These include each candidate’s motivation and capacity to contribute, continuity in committee functions, fair representation of the membership, and EDI principles. The President-elect and designated SIG Council Member, who represent and are accountable to ILTS Council, have overall responsibility for final committee selections.