Liver Transplant Oncology

The Liver Transplant Oncology Special Interest Group's mission is to build a global alliance with all medical professionals in the fields of transplantation medicine and oncology to improve the outcomes and investigate disease mechanisms of patients with hepatobiliary malignancies under the concept of transplant oncology.


The four pillars (4 E’s) of transplant oncology are:

    1. Evolution of multidisciplinary cancer care by integrating organ transplantation.
    2. Extension of conventional cancer surgery by applying transplantation techniques.
    3. Elucidation of self and non-self recognition system by linking tumor and transplant immunology.
    4. Exploration of the genomic mechanisms of carcinogenesis.

Vision: We shall be the indivisible core to consolidate global efforts to save our patients with intractable cancer and their family. The ILTS SIG in Transplant Oncology should lead advances in the field and foster international collaborative scientific efforts.

Proposed activities

  1. Build an international registry of patients who undergo liver transplantation for emerging indications of hepatobiliary malignancies (intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, colorectal and neuroendocrine liver metastases, rare pediatric liver tumors).
  2. Conduct multicenter, prospective studies/clinical trials to solve unanswered questions in integrating liver transplantation to the multidisciplinary treatment of hepatobiliary malignancies.
  3. Conduct multicenter, prospective studies/clinical trials on patients who underwent hepatobiliary and pancreatic resections using transplantation techniques (e.g., ex-vivo resection and autotransplantation, ante-situm resection with in-situ. hypothermic perfusion, etc.). To discuss current indications and future directions
  4. Set up joint meetings with major oncology and HBP societies (e.g., EASL, AASLD, IHPBA, ILCA, SSO, ESMO, ASCO, etc.).
  5. Set up a Transplant Oncology Conference to advance and share knowledge every 2 years.
  6. Work on building a world-wide tumor tissue repository and clinical database for future large-scale genomic studies.


The ILTS Liver Transplant Oncology SIG organized this highly successful consensus conference in Rotterdam on February 7, 2019. The meeting focused the expertise of faculty and delegates from around the world on key questions in this fast-changing field. Fifteen state-of-the-art updates were presented and will be available to members on this website soon. Working groups achieved consensus on a range of topics, and will submit their conclusions for publication in Transplantation later this year.  FULL PROGRAM HERE.

The group is also planning a pre-congress symposium on liver transplant oncology in Toronto on May 22. Full details available soon.

Steering Committee members

  • Sudha Kodali [2025], Houston Methodist Hospital, USA – Topic Coordinator
  • Parissa Tabrizian [2024], Recanati/Miller Transplantation Institute, New York, USA – Topic Coordinator
  • Kymberly Watt [2025], Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA – Affiliated Councilor
  • Gonzalo Sapisochin [2025]Toronto Hospital, Canada
  • Taizo Hibi [2025], Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kumamoto, Japan
  • Julie Heimbach [2024], Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA
  • Christian Toso [2024]Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland
  • Neil Mehta [2025], UCSF, San Francisco, USA
  • Grainne O’Kane [2025], St. James’s Cancer Institue / Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Pål-Dag Line [2025], Oslo University Hospital, Norway
  • Vincenzo Mazzaferro [2024], Milan, Italy

Educational Material

The SIG has launched a newsletter related to living transplantation oncology!

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