The ILTS Precision Medicine and Biomarkers SIG is looking for New Leadership!

ILTS members can apply to become a member or topic coordinator of the Steering Committee for the Precision Medicine and Biomarkers Special Interest Group (SIG). Both positions serve for 3 years. Applications are open from March 1 – 31, 2023.


This SIG was created with the aim of providing a platform for researchers/physicians/ health workers/patients to establish a multidisciplinary and international network to promote the application of precision medicine through further development of new techniques and biomarker discovery. The overall aim is to increase the liver donor organ pool, improve diagnosis and prognosis tools to evaluate conditions affecting transplant recipients, personalization of immunosuppression, and improving post-transplant outcomes. Membership is open to any member of ILTS and we encourage all to join and contribute to advancing the field of biomarkers.


Read more about the Precision Medicine and Biomarkers SIG here.

Interested applicants can apply here from March 1, 2023.