Clinical Science Awards

(Mid- or Senior Career)


  • Clinical Science Investigator Award (Mid-Career)
  • Paolo Muiesan Clinical Science Established Investigator Award (Senior Career)

The Clinical Science Investigator and Paolo Muiesan Clinical Science Established Investigator Awards recognize outstanding ILTS members for their academic contribution to clinical science research. Applications are reviewed annually by the ILTS Education & Scholarship Committee, which distinguishes mid-career from senior-career candidates based on their submissions.



  • Nominations must be submitted through the ILTS website
  • At least one nomination from another ILTS member is required to apply
  • Both nominator and candidate must be ILTS members in good standing
  • Once nominated, candidates must upload their application online through a link provided by the ILTS Secretariat
  • Winners of the ILTS Society Awards (not based on abstracts) from the previous three years are not eligible
  • Vice-chairs and chairs of the Education and Scholarship Committee are not eligible during their term of office


Application formatting

The completed application must include:

  • a standardized CV including the main contributions relevant for the award: eg, publications, professional society involvement, community projects involvement
  • a candidate statement, reflecting previous contributions to the field of clinical science research and academic career plan if known (e.g., planned research focus and mentorship plan)


Awardee receives

  • Complimentary registration to the ILTS Annual Congress of the year
  • Complimentary ticket to the Closing Reception of the ILTS Annual Congress of the year


Selection process

  • HOW?
    • Online nominations & applications
  • WHEN?
    • step 1: Nominations can be submitted from November 20, 2023, to Januar 24, 2024. (NOTE! Deadline extended)
    • step 2: Application window closes January 28, 2024
    • Announcement of winners: March, 2024
  • WHERE?
    • You are in the right place! The nomination form will be available below from November 15. Candidates will receive a link via email to submit an online application once they have been nominated.


See list of awardees