SIG Group Email Policy & User Information


  • Dedicated email addresses have been set up for each ILTS Special Interest Group (SIG).
  • These group emails are intended to promote the exchange of knowledge and opinions between SIG members and are for academic use only; SIG steering committees have separate group emails for administration and planning.
  • SIG participation is limited to ILTS members and non-member experts invited by the SIG steering committee.
  • ILTS members wishing to join a specific SIG must select it on their profile page; their name and email address will then be added to the SIG directory and email list.
  • SIG Topic Co-ordinators will oversee all group email content and will work with ILTS headquarters staff in the management of SIG membership and communications.
  • Any message received from an SIG email has been sent automatically to all SIG members, and any reply also goes to all. This email should never be used for personal (one-to-one) communication.
  • SIG email addresses are confidential and should not be forwarded or disclosed to anyone. Inappropriate use may result in closure of the platform.


  • Posts must be polite, professional and publishable – discussions may be archived later in topic-based learning modules on Education pages.
  • Content can include commentary on clinical practice, research, and relevant educational, organisational and ethical topics, as well as appropriately anonymized clinical cases and images.
  • Clinical case descriptions and images must not include any personal identifiers, including name, city of residence, date of birth, etc., or the names of other treating physicians. Only information essential to the discussion should be posted. When a detailed history is presented, patient consent is desirable even when anonymized. Standards of confidentiality required by local licensing authorities and by mainstream medical publishers should be applied.
  • Any commentator may be asked to provide a Conflict of Interest statement when appropriate. This can be done online at
  • Copyright lawapplies to any previously published material. Full text papers protected by copyright should not be distributed on this platform without the publisher’s consent. Partial use may be permissible under Fair Use rules, but at the contributor’s risk. ILTS will not accept liability for breach of copyright.
  • A TOPIC HEADING in block capitals should be used in the subject line of each message to identify separate discussions, e.g. ‘ANTIBODY MEDIATED REJECTION’, ‘CIRRHOTIC CARDIOMYOPATHY’, ‘CHOLANGIOCARCINOMA’, etc.


  • SIG email discussion groups are supported by the International Liver Transplantation Society to promote the dissemination of knowledge among liver transplant professionals for the ultimate benefit of patients.
  • Commentaries and opinions are posted in good faith with the intention of enhancing the knowledge and competence of all participants, while preserving the privacy and dignity of transplant patients and their families. ILTS cannot accept liability for any breach of confidentiality.
  • The opinions, advice and other materials posted in this context reflect the views of the author(s) and are not necessarily those of ILTS. These statements and materials do not necessarily indicate a standard of care, nor can they replace local specialist consultation.
  • ILTS is not liable for any statements made by participants on this platform, nor for any decisions or actions based on opinions or information posted.

For reference- ASTS DISCLAIMER: “The American Society of Transplant Surgeons (the ‘Sponsors’) provides CenterSpan to encourage the interchange of transplant information and opinions among the professional transplant community.  The Sponsors do not have any input into messages sent on CenterSpan and the messages sent arethose of the senders. The Sponsors take no responsibilityfor such messages.

J R Klinck  4 September 2019