Liver Transplant Immunology

The Liver Transplant Immunology SIG was created with the aim of better understanding of different aspect of immunology in the liver transplantation setting, focusing on several topics such as transplant tolerance, rejection, immunosuppression strategies, novel immunotherapy approach, immune-monitoring, possible use of cancer immunotherapy in liver transplant patients. The final aim is to improve the management and outcomes of liver transplanted recipients.

The current Topic Coordinators and Steering Committee are all liver transplant professionals or immunologists with extensive prior experience in one or all of these fields.

Topic Coordinators:

Eleonora De Martin, Centre Hépato-Biliaire, Paul Brousse Hospital, Villejuif, France

Josh Levitsky, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, USA

Steering Committee members 

Anthony Demetris, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Juliet Emamaullée, Los Angeles, USA

Maria-Carlota Londoño, Barcelona, Spain

Geoffrey W. McCaughan, Sydney, Australia

Jacqueline O’Leary, Dallas, TX, USA

Alberto Sanchez-Fueyo, London, UK

Elizabeth Verna, New York, USA

SIG Aims and Proposed Activities:

  • Promoting multicenter studies on the SIG main topics: clinical trials, basic science studies as well as basic/translational studies based on international collaborations

  • Developing educational programs, providing on-line educational materials on the ILTS website, organizing short dedicated courses within the ILTS Annual Congress, facilitating networking opportunities for fellowships and visiting scholar

  • Organizing multidisciplinary dedicated meetings

  • Proposing topics and speakers on transplant immunology for the ILTS Annual Congress

  • Reviewing and selecting abstracts on immunology topics to be presented at the Annual Congress

The Liver Transplant ImmunologySpecial Interest Group is open to any member of the ILTS, and we encourage all members with special interest in one or all of these exciting and rapidly advancing fields to join.