The ILTS Liver Transplant Pathology Committee aims to raise standards of clinical care through the development of official practice guidelines and promote education, communication and fellowship in these specialty areas.

Key aims:

1. To represent and recruit ILTS members specializing in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine,

2. To promote education, communication, and fellowship in these specialty areas,

3. To raise standards of clinical care and improve outcomes, including through the development of official ILTS clinical practice guidelines,

4. To foster collaborative links with other relevant specialist societies.

Key tasks and dates:

1. Meet at the Annual Congress (May-July) to review recent activities and member feedback, discuss council input from the most recent Council Meeting and develop an agenda for the following year.

2. Develop relevant program sessions in ILTS Annual Congress: June-September, submit to program chair (President-Elect) by September 30.

3. Review Pathology abstracts for ILTS Annual Congress: beginning from the abstract closing date (December-January), to be completed one week before the program Committee Meeting in January or February.

4. Develop or approve specialty sessions for other ILTS sponsored Meetings.

5. Review online applications for committee membership annually (January-March) and nominate replacements for members expiring in that year. The process as per ILTS Committees Policy, to be completed four weeks before the Annual Congress.

6. Advise and assist ILTS website team re Pathology content: continuous.

7. Report twice yearly to ILTS Council: January-February written report for Winter Council Meeting agenda book, May-June written report for Annual Congress Council Meeting agenda book and chair to present in person.

8. Advise the Executive Committee and Council on specialty-related issues, especially education and member recruitment.

Key performance metrics:

1. Satisfactory reports to ILTS Council

2. Participant numbers and feedback re Pathology sessions and workshops at the Annual Congress

3. Growth in Pathology membership

Committee Members

  • Nancy Jimin Liu, MDPast Chair {2021} Halton Helthcare Oakville, Canada
  • Mina Komuta, MD, PhDChair {2022} Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc, Brussels, Belgium
  • Hanlin L. Wang, MDVice Chair {2023} University of California at Los Angeles Medical Center, California, CA
  • Hiroto Egawa, MD, PhDAffiliated Councilor {2021} Tokyo Women’s Medical University Tokyo, Japan
  • Maesha Deheragoda, MD– {2021} Kings College Hospital London, UK
  • Massimo Rugge, MD– {2021} University of Padova, Italy
  • Nour Yadak, MD– {2023} The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Tennessee, USA
  • Sandra Fischer,MD,MSc– {2023} Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Canada
  • Zhao Xinyan, MD– {2022} Beijing Friendship Hospital, Beijing, China
  • Zongming Eric Chen,MD,PhD– {2023} Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA

*Committee terms end at Annual Congress in year shown in brackets

Committee Members testimonies

Committee Terms of Reference