This committee's mission is to promote the participation of younger members of the liver transplant community in all ILTS activities, and to guide the society in responding to their educational and professional needs.

Key aims:

To promote the engagement of younger liver transplant professionals and trainees in all ILTS activities, and to advocate on their behalf.

Key tasks and dates:

  1. Meet at the Annual Congress (May-July) to review recent activities and member feedback, discuss council input from the most recent Council Meeting and develop an agenda for the following year.
  2. Organize five multidisciplinary Vanguard sessions at the Annual Congress:
    1. Vanguard Moderated Poster Discussion
    2. Vanguard Grand Round Case Presentations
    3. Vanguard Featured Symposium
    4. Vanguard Debate Session
    5. Vanguard Surgical Video Session
  1. Host a Vanguard Reception at the Annual Congress.
  2. Highlight younger members’ contributions by a selection of the best published clinical and basic science research papers during the calendar year for the Vanguard Awards.
  3. Publish online Vanguard Reports, and highlights of the ILTS Annual Congress.
  4. Contribute to the Scientific Content in the monthly ILTS Newsletter, and assist in social media profile management.
  5. Lead monthly ILTS Vanguard Webinars on Complex Cases in Liver Transplantation.
  6. Coordinate the assigned Special Interest Groups.
  7. Ascertain the educational and professional needs of younger members through informal discussion and the annual member survey (September), and work with the ILTS leadership to address these needs.
  8. Review online applications for committee membership annually (October-January) and nominate replacements for members expiring in that year. The process as per ILTS Committees Policy is to be completed four weeks before the Winter council Meeting.
  9. Report twice yearly to ILTS Council: January-February written report for winter council meeting agenda book, May-June written report for Annual Congress Council Meeting agenda book and chair to present in person.

Key performance metrics:

  1. Satisfactory reports to ILTS Council
  2. Participant numbers and feedback re congress events organized by the committee

Committee Members:

Varvara Kirchner, MD – Past Chair {2023}


Stanford University

Stanford, USA

Eleonora De Martin, MD, PhDChair {2023}


Paul Brousse Hospital

Villejuif, France

Ryan Chadha, MD – Vice Chair 1 {2023}


Mayo Clinic Florida

Jacksonville, USA

Ashwin Rammohan, MDVice Chair 2 {2024}


Dr Rela Institute & Medical Center

Chennai, India

Mark Ghobrial, MD, PhD, FACS, FRCS – Affiliated Councilor {2024}

Houston Methodist Hospital

Houston, USA

Alexandra Shingina, MD {2025}


Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Nashville, USA

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Onur Keskin {2024}


Hacettepe University School of Medicine Department of Gastroenterology

Ankara, Turkey

Jiang Liu, MBBS, MS, PhD {2024}


Tsinghua University-affiliated Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital

Beijing, China

David Nasralla BMBCh, MA (Oxon), FRCS, DPhil {2024}


Royal Free Hospital

London, UK

Alessandra Mazzola, MD, PhD {2024}


Pité-Salpêtrière hospital

Paris, France

Johns Shaji Mathew, MBBS, MS, MCh {2025}


Rajagiri Hospital

Kerala, India


Felipe Alconchel, MD, PHD {2025}


Virgen de la Arrixaca University Hospital (IMIB)

Murcia, Spain


Tomohiro Tanaka, MD, MPH {2024}


University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City VA  medical centre

Iowa City, USA

Abdul Rahman Hakeem, FRCS, PhD {2025}


Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Leeds, United Kingdom


David Victor, MD {2024}


Methodist University Hospital

Houston, USA

Carmen Vinaixa, MD {2024}


La Fe University Hospital

Valencia, Spain

Young-in Yoon, MD {2024}


Asan Medical Center

Seoul, South Korea

Uzung Yoon, MD, MPH {2023}


Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Philadelphia, USA

Madhukar Patel, MD, MBA, ScM {2025}


University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Texas, USA


*Committee terms end at Annual Congress in the year shown in brackets


Trainee Members:

Sadhana Shankar, MS FRCS {2024}


King’s College Hospital NHS trust

London, United Kingdom

Dhupal Patel {2024}


Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Nicholas Syn, MBBS {2024}


Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University Health System






*Committee terms end at Annual Congress in the year shown in brackets


Committee Terms of Reference