Apply to join an ILTS Committee!

The ILTS Committees listed below have membership positions available for the 2024 application cycle. Selected candidates will be joining the group for a three-year term for regular members, and a two-year for trainee members starting in May 2024 at the ILTS Annual Congress.  

Please click the links below to review the key aims and tasks of each committee before filling out the application form:
Allied Health
Anesthesia/Critical Care
Basic & Translational Research
Education & Scholarship
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)
Membership & Communications
Vanguard – membership of the Vanguard Committee is restricted to our younger liver transplant professional members (aged less than 42 years at the time of entry into the Committee, i.e., in May 2024, or within 5 years of initial training)  

Who can apply? Any ILTS members can apply! ILTS promotes gender parity and diverse regional and specialized representation and expects the composition of its committees to reflect this commitment.

Residents, fellows, medical students and others in full-time education can also apply to join an ILTS Committee as ILTS Trainee Members. Their term is two years, compared to three for regular Committee Members.

We accept applications from November 20 until January 20, 2024.